Anna and the French Kiss… <3

I just finished Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins and I’m already itching to write a review!! Because reading it was a wonderfully satisfying experience!! While it’s an easy read and has a simple plot, I can’t help but admire the author for she has the power to leave the readers enthralled and breathless!!! I did read lola and the boy next door before reading this one, so i’m glad to finally discover the story behind Anna and Etienne. The fact that its romance takes place in Paree! where love is always in the air ,makes the novel’s atmosphere compelling, stunning, and perfect! Also, the characters are so lovable. Anna Oliphant is interesting, funny, and not annoying like some chick-lit heroine i know. Let’s talk about Etienne St. Clair, or as I would like to call him- the literary embodiment of perfection! He’s nice, popular, handsome, and of course the English accent! ( Bollocks! HA!) I loved loved loved it! The character are great as well esp. Meredith, Ramshi, Josh and Bridgitt.I also liked that they’re going to school, having classes, detention, and staying at dorms, everything feels so light, familiar, and high school drama-ish. Although I’m not a French Savvy like Anna, or maybe even worse, I realized it doesn’t matter. And because of the irresistible story, I loved it anyway. So I toured Paris with the same delight and fascination as Anna. Everything about this book is BEAUTIFUL! Stephanie Perkins has only released two books and I’m already considering her as one of my favorite authors. I’m so glad stumbled upon this beautifully sweet and entertaining novel. I would recommend this to all romantic souls out there. I now believe that it’s possible for home to be a person and not be a place…Etienne St. Claire made me see that…


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