Sadist Lover by Aril Daine

After reading SDTG…

I didn’t want to read anything close to that story anymore because….

I UGLY cried… Bawled my eyes out…

So lucky me I stumbled upon this wonderfully, beautiful, entertaining story…

Actually I’ve been hearing quite a buzz about this for a while now.. it’s popular in our school and I’ve gotten so curious…

I shrugged and said “Sadist Lover?? Nah.. I would never read that.”

I swore I’d never even take a glimpse…  

Until my classmate recommended this to me..


SHOOT ME NOW!! I take that back because I so so LOVED it!


Brutality, violence, pain… The first words that comes into mind when you hear the word “sadist,” but here it was used in a rather cute way. I truly enjoyed every bit of the story.

It’s about a girl named Miyuki who’s been living every girl’s fantasy- as the girlfriend of the campus hearthrob, Jake. But everything comes with a price, girls are jealous and even her AWOL friends becomes her frienemies. But things get complicated as the oh-so-gorgeous-wish-you-were-mine transferee comes into the picture. Lance helps her go through her struggles and makes her feel what true love is. So how would things turn out? Who will she choose? Will she give Lance a place in her heart?


Rarely do I encounter novels with incredible characters. But Sadist Lover is one of the few exceptions! The main as well as the secondary characters are likeable and lovable. There was never a dull moment. I found myself laughing with them, swooning with them, and sympathizing for them. There were lots of cheesy and sweet moments that I absolutely liked. I felt so giddy that I’d always replay my favorite scenes in my mind(ehem! Do not want to elaborate for personal reasons.) I adore Lance Mariano for being the swoon-worthy ideal guy everyone wants to end up with. He’s one of those fictional characters that you’re secretly wishing to be real…and hating the fact that they’re just the figment of the author’s imagination… Haha!


Anyway… I just want to commend the author for her amazing work! Kudos Aril Daine! This is such a light and incredible read. My friends and I are totally crazy about this story, particularly, LANCE MARIANO *grins*…. I’d recommend this to all romantic souls out there!


Giddy to the core… Kinikilig to the bones… 

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Link to Sadist Lover


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