The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase is the typical high school girl who wants to fit in. She’s unpopular, not that rich, and has a big crush on the football player . You would take one look at her life and decide it’s boring. However, everything turns upside down after her little brother, Ethan, disappears. She discovers the children stories she’s known when she was a child were true, that faeries are true, that her bestfriend, Robbie is one of them, and his name is Puck, not only that, she’s the daughter of King Oberon! She goes to Nevernever on a quest to find her missing brother. But she’ll soon find out a deeper dilemma that is much bigger than her losing her brother.

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa brings back the pleasure of reading fantasy novels like The Harry Potter series, The Fablehaven series, with all its magical creatures and a new facsinating world (Nevernever) you’d surely want to explore. It also reminds me of Narnia, I guess it’s because how they first got there is through a closet. It is divided into two courts : the summer court (Seelie Court) and the winter court (Unseelie Court) where a winter prince named Ash lives. He’s handsome but I didn’t like that he’s cold I mean literally cold because i can’t imagine it without a vampire stalker lurking into my mind. I also hoped it didn’t made references to A Midsummer’s Night Dream because I was clueless as to what it is. It became interesting because its characters are personified in the book, namely Robin Goodfellow, Tatiana, Oberron, etc. But it’s probaly for those who have read and can relate to it, right? The heroine is great, she’s brave and has a heart to the ones she loves. And I also like Grimalkin, always helpful and interesting. It reminds me of the cat in the Alice in Wonderland. Also, the author made emphasis on the baneful effects of technology, it’s definitely cliche but it’s good to read a different plot now and then.

The ending went pretty well and it kept me guessing whether Ash will still surrender Meghan to the queen. So I have to read the next book to know what’ll happen! All in all it was a good story, this is a must read to anyone who is a fan of fantasy novels. 


Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

I admit I’m not a fan of vampire novels, plain curiosity is the only reason why I decided to read this one. I’ve seen its books in most bookstores, heard so many people liked it, and the mere fact that it is so popular among young adults I thought I’d try it. 

So after reading, I thought it was okay but not quite great to give it five stars. I liked that it obviously steered clear from what I didn’t like to encounter in vampire novels. There’s no sparkly vampires and the awkwardly cheesy love story, but rather it introduces a whole new concept like Morois, Strigois, Dragomirs, Dhampirs, and Guardians. Well, I can’t say anything bad about the story because in all fairness it was good and it ended pretty well. 

The love story was sufficient, and by “sufficient” I mean it didn’t drag on too long and overpower the entire story. However, the whole time I’m reading the Rose-Dimitri moments I was thinking.. “Why does he have to be older than her? Why does he need to be Lissa’s guardian?”…. When Dimitri says the line “If I let myself love you, I won’t throw myself in front of her. I’ll throw myself in front of you,” it got stuck in my mind. That made me pause and wonder if they have a future together. I think they’d be great together. I guess I’ll have to read the sequel to know. 

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

I can’t believe that there will actually come a time that i can say “I really like the Mortal Instruments series!” because yes! now it’s true! I used to look at it displayed at the bookstores with its shining pedestal and think of its undeserved popularity like some novels i’ve became tired of mentioning. After reading the first novel, it was good, a bit predictable, and depressing in the end. I didn’t even want to make a review, not with disappointment in the back of my mind, not with Jace having Clary as his sister, not with a doomed love story. Well, it’s different now because I’m writng a review! It’s different now because I’m smiling like an insane creature. And it’s all because of the awesomazing time I had reading this. I’m praising this novel not just because of the good news everyone’s been waiting for ( Finally Jace and Clary are not related! yay!), but it’s also because of the complexity the plot has turned into. The ending was kind of epic with the all the battles going on. And I like that the revelations keep on coming. I also came to adore the characters. Clary became brave and powerful. Let’s not forget about Jace, I sympathized and  pitied him for his fate, for the love he can never have, and the risks he’s willng to take. Simon is always the good friend but he’s no more a mundane, a great vampire! And Sebastian, who would have thought there will be an additional character who plays a big part on the story. I was truly caught off guard by the reveltion of his true identity. And of course, a special mention to Jocelyn Fairchild, finally! that’s a relief, i thought she’d be a sleeping beauty forever. I’m also glad that Valentine’s already taken care of but there’s still the questionable death/disappearance of Sebastian. Now, I’m looking forward to what will happen in the fourth book. The demons or enemies they have to face, the unexpected twists to their story, and the romance people can’t get enough of.

I’m forever in love with JACE!!! 

“I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.”

Jace and Clary all the way!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Farewell to HP!

After much consideration, i finally decided to write my one and only review for the harry potter series. So consider this the gist of my reviews to the other books as well. It’s not because i can only say a few things about the series but because my thoughts are full praise for jk rowling and the many reasons why i absolutely loved the books, I can’t seem to say all of them. So I would elaborate them in simple terms:

1.) The world jk rowling created was not only magical but also incredible. It made me think “what if it really exists?.” The details were so intricate and well-thought that it will make you want to go to hogwarts and experience the joy of learning magic. And it was introduced as if wizards go to hogwarts for the sake of learning magic and not much for studying lessons. The houses, the quidditch, the spells were brilliant! I’m dying from envy because I wanted so bad to experience that(shallow, i know..) but these things only compounded to the interesting facts about the series.

2.) The chareacters are well-developed, you could truly see the differences of the magical trio (Harry,Ron,Hermione). Their discrepancies made them believable. Harry with his brave and sometimes brave-to-the-point-of-being-reckless personality but will surely move mountains for the ones he love.Ron, the best friend anyone would love to have bacause although he doesn’t have much in life he’ll support you through and through.And of course hermione with her unbelievable knowledge, there are times when i just stare in awe at how quickly she finds solution to tough situations. And together they make the perfect main characters that could weather any storm. After finishing the last book, anyone would probably admire snape. At first, he was despicable but as the story progresses you’ll realize that there’s something mysterious about his character that the author wanted the readers to figure out. When it was laid out for the last book, it was shocking that i didn’t even see that coming. I deeply sympathized for him. It would have been tiring if i mention the other characters because they’re all great. I love luna, tonks, sirius(I just wish he never died), fred, george, and Mrs. Weasley. You-know-who a.k.a. Voldemort was the best villain ever. His viciousness is so extreme that he was effectively introduced as the most feared wizard. His wickedness is enough to have covered seven books.

3.)The broad and complex plot gave meaning the word “unputdownable”. I remembered that good old days when all i do is sit comfortably and read the Harry potter for hours. There are so many things happening in the book that I found myself glued to my seat and anticipating the twist every once in a while. Sometimes, a smile crosses my face because man jk rowling has a sense of humor! I felt my heart soar because of the love story and break for the sad demise of the important characters, and I was completely riveted by the action-packed scenes especially during the end of every book. It’s amazing how each book are interconnected. Each has some integral points that, without reading them, you wouldn’t have appreciated the book beacause they are all so important to the overall story. I also like how the novels are all thick that i didn’t even realize i’ve read quite the entire book. It’s like saying to myself “wow! I’ve read a book this thick and i still want more!” How jk rowling managed to do that? i don’t know.All i know is that she is a very gifted writer who has an incredible imagination. I commend her skills and will forever admire her. 

I would give the series infinite stars if that’s possible because i don’t think 5 stars would justify what i felt. After finishing it, i can say, with a big smile on my face, that it has been a great experience.It was priceless. All the intense scenes from the previous books are expertly summed up to the last one. It undeniably lived up to my expectations. Although i grieved(joking aside) and didn’t want the series to end, we know all stories must come to an end. So i’m looking forward to reading novels which could generate in me the same interest i had for the Harry potter. I also hope jk rowling will write a new wonderful story to devour and delve myself into. Cheers to all Harry Potter fans!!!!